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A video, featuring some brilliant people, to raise awareness of something few of us have heard of.

Away from the world of films, coffee drinking and remembering terrible jokes to tell my children, I’m involved a little with pan disability football for youngsters. The kids I work with regularly have a vote to try and get me the sack, but somehow I cling on. They laugh at the fact I support Birmingham City, they tell me I’m terrible at my job, and I swear they’re interviewing other candidates behind my back.

They play in a terrific league called the Sandwell Inclusion League, overseen by a terrific man (don’t tell him I said that, still think we should have had a penalty the other week) called Paul Glover.

Paul’s been raising awareness for something I knew little of, Williams Syndrome. And in conjunction with the West Bromwich Albion Foundation, they’ve put together a video where Paul and his superstar daughters tell their story.

Few people really know about Williams Syndrome, which in turn leads to a delay in diagnosis. If you could possibly watch this video, and spread it around, it’d make a small but very, very welcome difference.

Thanks as always for reading this little spot of our site. It’ll return next week. But for now, here’s the video. It’s quite something.

(Was definitely a penalty.)

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