Creep | Mark Duplass’ indie horror is getting a Netflix TV series

The Creep Tapes starring Mark Duplass
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The Creep Tapes is a TV adaptation of Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice’s own indie horror films, Creep and Creep 2. It’s heading to Netflix soon.

Actor and filmmaker Mark Duplass has made a TV series based on his own Creep horror films, and it’s coming soon to Netflix. Called The Creep Tapes, it’ll expand on the films’ found footage premise and continue their likeably awkward, blackly comic tone.

Released in 2014 and 2017 respectively, Creep and Creep 2 were both about filmmakers and their interactions with a decidedly eccentric character (played by an unblinking Duplass). To say too much more would risk spoiling things; we’ll simply add that, if you haven’t seen them yet, they’re well worth seeking out.

The Creep Tapes’ official description also assumes you’ve seen those earlier movies, so click the back button now if you don’t want to read potential spoilers.

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Still here? Then here’s that description, as published by Variety:

“The series is based on a collection of video tapes in the secret vault of the world’s deadliest and most socially uncomfortable serial killer, who hires his victims to film him for the day under false pretenses. Each episode exposes a new victim from one of the fabled ‘Creep Tapes.’”

Made on tiny budgets, the Creep movies were co-written by Duplass and Patrick Brice – the latter both directing and starring in the first film. The second film was also directed by Brice, and both were made through Duplass’ own production company, logically called Duplass Brothers Productions.

The Creep Tapes have also been independently produced through the same company, and judging by the teaser clip uploaded by Duplass yesterday, they’ll also continue the same glitchy, lo-fi tone.

There’s no streaming date for the series yet, but we’ll keep you posted when one emerges.

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