Nuremberg | Russell Crowe, Rami Malek, Michael Shannon to star

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Post-WWII war crimes thriller Nuremberg boasts a strong leading trio and is set to seek backing at next month’s Cannes Film Festival.

While we don’t have too much on this story, there’s a report that a new project titled Nuremberg is to be revealed at next month’s Cannes Film Festival.

The film will be launching sales at Cannes to try and secure backing to give the film a green light and considering some of the acting talent signed up, we can’t imagine the producers walking away from the French film festival empty-handed.

But first, the set-up.

According to the synopsis (via Variety), ‘Nuremberg chronicles the eponymous trials held by the Allies against the defeated Nazi regime. The film will centre on American psychiatrist Douglas Kelley, who is tasked with determining whether Nazi prisoners are fit to stand trial for their war crimes, and finds himself in a complex battle of wits with Hermann Göring , Hitler’s right-hand man.’

According to the outlet, ‘Malek will play Kelley, while Crowe will take on the part of Göring. Shannon will play Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson, the chief prosecutor of the Nuremberg trials.’

With Russell Crowe seemingly entering a phase in his career where he’s content to chew on the scenery (as well as making at least one movie about exorcisms per year), we have to confess we’re just a little bit intrigued to see what he brings to this performance. Michael Shannon is never less than brilliant and you’ll also get some Richard E Grant for your money, too.

The cast is rounded out by Leo Woodall, John Slattery, Mark O’Brien, Colin Hanks, Lydia Peckham, Wrenn Schmidt, Lotte Verbeek and Andreas Pietschmann.

The film will be directed by James Vanderbilt, the prolific producer who hasn’t directed a film since 2015’s Truth.

That’s all we have to go on for now, apart from to add that the project will see Rami Malek return to starring mode after electing to spend his last few projects in supporting roles.

Since playing opposite Daniel Craig in 2021’s No Time To Die, Malek has appeared in modest roles in Amsterdam and Oppenheimer, but 2025 will see him return to lead the line in two projects. As well as playing the lead in Nuremberg, Malek will also star in The Amateur, a film in which he will play ‘a CIA cryptographer, who manages to blackmail his agency into training him to let him go after a group of terrorist who killed his wife in London.’

Given the dramatic and all-too real nature of the subject matter, and the talent involved here, we’re sure Nuremberg won’t struggle to find support at next month’s Cannes. As the festival draws closer and we hear of other projects looking to find financing, you can be sure we’ll let you know.

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