Scepticism emerges over legitimacy of the Snyder cut Justice League campaign

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A fresh report not only calls into question the validity of the Zack Snyder Justice League campaign, but also questions Snyder’s role too.

Rolling Stone have released an article that is sure to have wider implications as it calls into question the ‘grass roots’ nature of the movement that led to Warner Bros spending $100m to restore the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League. According to Rolling Stone, Warner Bros was suspicious of the legitimacy of the #releasethesnydercut campaign and hired outside cyber-security firms to check it out. Detailed breakdowns have since confirmed that the social media blitz was comprised of a significantly higher than usual amount of bots and fake accounts. Not entirely fake accounts – far from it – but a higher number by distance than would be expected.

Even more troubling is the report’s alleged insinuation that Snyder himself may have played a role in things. Our lawyers aren’t good enough to repeat those thoughts here, so it’s worth checking out the full article.

It’s important to add that Snyder himself has always denied having any direct influence over his followers, but this report will almost certainly cause that relationship to be scrutinised. Despite releasing all the way back in 2017, Justice League is a film that continues to be haunted by a legacy of negativity and toxicity that continues to this day. Whilst the full report is locked behind a paywall, you can see Rolling Stone's allegations summarised in the tweet below. We’ll bring you more on this story as we hear it.

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