The Entertainment System Is Down | Kirsten Dunst, Daniel Brühl, Keanu Reeves, Boeing 747 among big-name cast

Kirsten Dunst Civil War
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Triangle Of Sadness filmmaker Ruben Östlund’s next film is The Entertainment System Is Down. Kirsten Dunst and Daniel Brühl and an actual Boeing 747 have reportedly joined the satire’s cast.

Just last month we heard that Keanu Reeves would be teaming with Ruben Östlund, the acclaimed director of Triangle Of Sadness, to make The Entertainment System Is Down. Now it’s being reported (via Screen Daily) that Reeves will be joined on the project by Kirsten Dunst and Daniel Brühl.

Meanwhile, Deadline adds that Östlund has gone to the trouble of buying a full-size, retired Boeing 747 for the movie, and will use it as a full-scale set.

We most recently saw Dunst put in an excellent leading turn in Alex Garland’s Civil War while Brühl is set to feature in Ron Howard’s upcoming thriller, Eden, which also features Sydney Sweeney, Vanessa Kirby and Ana de Armas.

The idea for The Entertainment System Is Down sounds like a lot of fun, not to mention being sharply mocking: according to VarietyÖstlund has ‘teased it several times as a social satire set on a long-haul flight on which the entertainment system isn’t working, sparking chaos and rages among passengers. The Swedish director has been collecting anecdotes for the last few years for the movie and recently finalised the script.’

Reeves was confirmed to be part of the project last month, but now the addition of Dunst and Brühl have been announced, anticipation is rather high for this one. Östlund previously told Variety that the film will be “a study of how human beings interact in this little laboratory that is a plane” and “will look at how modern human beings are wrecked under these circumstances.”

He also added that he hopes the movie ’causes the biggest walkout in the history of Cannes Film Festival’, which gives you an inkling into just how outrageous this project might be.

The director is said to have based the conceit for the film on a ‘Virginia University study that found participants did not enjoy spending time in a room by themselves with nothing to do but think and many preferred a painful electric shock to boredom.’

Watching Brühl, Dunst and Reeves get up to increasing amounts of mayhem on a long haul flight, just to stave off the spectre of boredom sounds incredibly watchable to us. We’ll let you know more, including a production date, as we hear it.

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