Wake Up Dead Man | New Knives Out mystery gets a title

wake up dead man title
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Benoit Blanc is back on the case – and this time, things are sounding spooky. Join us as we speculate wildly about Wake Up Dead Man.

Grab some fashionable knitwear and get ready for some tasty intrigue, we’ve finally got some news on Rian Johnson’s latest Benoit Blanc mystery.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), the Looper director shared a short announcement video of the upcoming film’s title, narrated by CSI KFC himself, Daniel Craig (or, at least, someone who sounds an awful lot like him).

True to the series’ song title monikers, Wake Up Dead Man looks to have been taken from U2’s 1997 hit of the same name, which strikes a slightly more morbid tone than Radiohead’s Knives Out or The Beatles’ Glass Onion before it. Fitting, considering the short video announcement describes the story as Benoit Blanc’s “most dangerous case yet”.

Complete with an animated coffin, gothic font and some delightfully operatic music choices, “dangerous” this time might just be shorthand for “spooky”. Oooo, and, indeed, jinkies!

Johnson has also given us a suitably cryptic release date of “2025”, though with the series’ previous tradition of releasing during US holidays (Knives Out arrived in time for Thanksgiving, while Glass Onion arrived on Netflix just before Christmas), is it too soon to deduce a potential Halloween release?

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The director also promised “more to come very soon”, leaving us looking under the sofa for some casting news. We suspect foul play…

Wake Up Dead Man will mark the end of Johnson’s $469m deal to make Benoit Blanc films for Netflix. The last film, Glass Onion, spent a limited week-long window in cinemas in the UK, so it’s reasonable to expect the follow-up will get something similar.

More on this as we get it.

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