Podcast: It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) and Saving Mr Banks (2013)

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The stories behind It’s A Wonderful Life and Saving Mr Banks, explored in our latest podcast episode. More here.

Ah, It’s A Wonderful Life. A Christmas classic, that managed to basically bankrupt the production company of its director, and also lose money at the box office. In fact, were it not for an admin error, there’s a good chance it wouldn’t be regarded as arguably the best Christmas movie of all time. One that was targeted for original release in January. Lots to chat about here.

A fair amount to talk about with 2013’s Saving Mr Banks too, a movie script that Disney reportedly nearly bought simply to stop anyone else making the film. After all, Walt Disney is a key character in the movie – and Disney had hardly been keen to make a Walt Disney biopic before. Had the project been developed in-house, it likely wouldn’t have happened at all.

Stories of both are told in this episode…

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