About Us

Film Stories began life in June 2018 as a podcast and website, founded by Simon Brew.

Since then, it’s expanded to include a monthly film magazine (Film Stories, launched November 2018), live reader events, and most recently, Film Stories Junior magazine (launched July 2019).

In terms of this website, the people behind it are:

Editor & founder: Simon Brew (@simonbrew, simon at filmstories.co.uk)

Video Editor: Dan Cooper (@dcvertigo)

Production Manager: John Moore (@ondrive2002)

Furthermore, Film Stories is found at:

Simon Brew
Film Stories
PO Box 17554
B62 2NH

The Film Stories Podcast can be found here.

You can find out about Film Stories live events in and around the UK here.

The aim of Film Stories is to celebrate the movies, just zeroing in on the smaller rooms in the multiplex and the bigger screens at independents. This website is a mix of film news, features and reviews.

UK filmmakers are very welcome to submit trailers and news leads for their upcoming features too. Email Simon Brew at the address given above. Those interested in writing for Film Stories – and all work is paid – then this podcast episode is a decent place to start. We are committed to giving at least two writers their first paid writing work in every print edition of the magazine.

Film Stories is (C) Simon Brew.