Introducing the UK’s biggest film magazine

Film Stories magazine, launched in 2018, is a movie magazine published from the heart of the UK that aims to do things a little differently.

Straddling the smaller rooms of the multiplex and larger rooms of independent cinemas, we pride ourselves on showcasing the best and most interesting new films, and also digging backwards to uncover the stories of cinema past. At the end of each issue, we also want to have bolstered your to-watch list with at least a handful of movies you’ve not heard of before.

We also put films and filmmakers on our covers that deserve the space, but have been crowded out by the Marvels, the Star Warses and the Fast & Furiouses.

As of 2023, we are now the UK’s biggest film magazine, with at least 168 pages per issue. All printed on quality paper as well. We’re proud of that.

Each issue of the magazine features:

  • At least 168 pages, crammed with news, reviews, features, interviews and mayhem
  • Writers you’ve not met before, with opportunity for new talent at the heart of the magazine
  • A mix of films you’ve heard of, and films you haven’t! All of which we want to hoist on our shoulders
  • Regular sections: movie music, physical media, The Secret Movie Publicist, horror, the huge movie quiz and other such mischief
  • And sooooo much more.

We’ve published around 5000 pages of fresh and new film writing in our lifetime, with many more pages to come. We’re also 100% independent: the only reason we’ve got this far is because of a readership who has our back, who hopefully believes in us, and continues to spread the word.

If you want to try our magazine, then individual copies are available at our online store here.

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You can buy individual issues of the magazine at £5.99 apiece, and you can take advantage of subscription discounts right here.

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Thank you for your interest and support.