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Our weekly spot where we highlight an independent film podcast returns, and this one’s on the hunt for the best films of all time.

Devising, hosting and managing one podcast is usually enough for most, but in a first for this piece we’re featuring a sister podcast to one that we highlighted six months ago. Remarkably, the same core team are the masterminds behind both and this one is focussed on subjectively finding the best film ever.

Film Studies teacher Ian and record shop owner Liam would have lengthy discussions on all the movies they would end up watching together, with the express aim to find the Best Film Ever. As with most of these conversations, they realised they should have recorded them, and so they started doing so. Eventually they brought Ellie and Georgia onboard as regular co-hosts to give a more varied opinion, as well as additional titbits of information.

For a film to be chosen to appear on Best Film Ever, it must firstly follow some criteria. It must have a score of over 8.0 on IMDb or 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, or have won an award for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress or Best Director. Occasionally special dispensation is given for films that are culturally significant or are celebrating certain achievements, such an anniversaries, sequels or reboots, but it’s safe to say that the films already in Best Film Ever’s repertoire makes this podcast incredibly bingeable.

Ian, Liam, Ellie and Georgia are long-time friends who met at an amateur dramatics group and one of the main compliments they receive is their their chemistry feels natural. It’s not just natural, it’s an electric, eclectic mix of knowledge, mutual respect and camaraderie which makes Best Film Ever a joy to revisit again and again.

Best Film Ever actually pre-dates its podcast stable-mate and previous article focus Talking The Mickey, but not by much. Only 13 days separate their launch dates in March 2020. The two podcasts regularly crossover, especially on the Disney-owned fare, and the fact that both are consistently producing quality, informative episodes each week really is a testament to the dedication and professionalism behind the scenes.

What is the best film ever? Listen to Best Film Ever and find out…

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