British movie podcast of the week: Big Meeting!

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Each week, we highlight a terrific British movie podcast that we reckon is worth your time – and here’s a salute to Big Meeting.

Have you ever had an idea for a blockbuster movie randomly? Suddenly, you’ve planned a trilogy of movies, about an invasion of robot cows where humanity’s only hope is pink blancmange and a random celebrity hero to save the day. Now imagine pitching your idea to said celebrity, in the vain hope they might agree it’s a good idea and it makes you all millionaires?

If you haven’t, that’s okay, because one podcast has you covered. That podcast is Big Meeting, in which hosts Pete and Adrian pitch idiotic (their words, not mine!) movie ideas to real industry professionals in order to get a (fictional) investment or participation, at the bargain (fictional) price of £1,000,000 (ex VAT). Can you believe no-one’s offered it yet?!

Technically more of a semi-scripted comedy, each episode of Big Meeting is tailored around the guest (who’s always in on the joke). The ideas get more ludicrous as the episode progresses and the hosts’ confidence at their pitches just becomes more and more hilarious as the episodes progress.

Literally friends since birth, Pete and Adrian have always scripted fantasy movie ideas to make themselves and their friends laugh. Big Meeting was originally a Tumblr, which became a podcast naturally due to Adrian’s background in radio production. They reach out to guests who have a good sense of humour and are willing to take part in something silly. This means the quality of guests is always great and the comedy flows naturally.

The first episode of season two drops today (Friday 5th June) and features Doctor Who companion, the ace and Ace Sophie Aldred. As an exclusive sneak peak, fans of Blackadder should stay tuned to upcoming episodes too.

Big Meeting has a cunning plan, a clever concept and is constantly amusing.

Recommended episode: Episode 8 – Good Moaning Bog Mooting (with Arthur Bostrom, Allo Allo’s Officer Crabtree) – (4 October 2019) –

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