British movie podcast of the week: Fatal Attractions

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Our UK movie podcast recommendation of the week is getting a little saucy: let’s chat about Fatal Attractions.

It’s time for this feature to get a little bit naughty. Let’s pour some wine, dim the lights, put on some sultry music and talk about erotic thrillers. We all know sex sells, and the promise of pre-internet eroticism in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s saw the erotic thriller genre experience a small boom.

Fatal Attractions (named, of course, after the Michael Douglas and Glenn Close movie which coined the term ‘bunny boiler’) is a podcast dedicated to unearthing and dissecting the erotic thriller genre. It was conceived by hosts Matthew Turner, Leslie Pitt, Amélie Thomas and Paul Costello, who noticed a gap in the podcast market for the discussion of ‘90s thrillers. They all loved the genre, despite the obvious titillation, and the fact that the likes of Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct et al were interesting movies too. It seemed like a goldmine for a podcast topic.

These movies and their appeal has somewhat waned over the last 20 years, however the hosts of Fatal Attractions believe that there is still a market for erotically charged thrillers, and over 70 episodes later they’re still going strong. They’re bringing a range of films to the Fatal Attractions discussion table; from the critically and financially acclaimed, to the straight-to-video “bargains”. 

Every month since starting in April 2017, Fatal Attractions has been a constant feature, not only for avid listeners, but also for the hosts; one of the reasons independent podcasting has thrived over lockdown is that podcasting is proven to bring people together. Not in the same way as people are brought together in erotic thrillers, but still…

Because Fatal Attractions has four hosts, it has essentially four differing points of view and four distinct personalities, but everyone brings a valid opinion to the discussion, allowing a full well-rounded conversation to take place where no one person dominates. Fatal Attractions always feels warm and welcoming in that way. It’s very clear the hosts are all long-time friends, as well as experienced podcasters, who have great chemistry, witty banter and are all clearly extremely knowledgeable.

Whether you’re a Single White Female, or just have a Basic Instinct for a good podcast, don’t wait 9 ½ Weeks for an Indecent Proposal. Listen to Fatal Attractions…

Recommended episode: Episode 12 – Wild Things (6 July 2017) – 

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