British movie podcast of the week: Frame to Frame

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This week’s UK movie podcast recommendation is one that brings together the connections between films: it’s Frame To Frame.

Have you ever watched a movie with singing cockroaches and thought to yourself “I wonder if there’s another movie that also features singing cockroaches?

If so, you’re not alone. It’s something I think we all ponder occasionally, but luckily for us, we have the wonderful Frame to Frame podcast to help us connect the dots between movies with a related theme or premise.

Including singing cockroaches. 

Andy Williams and Sean Wilson are friends who worked together at a media company. Their shared love of film drew them to creating a podcast, which they duly did. Sadly, due to family commitments it fizzled out after a year, but once lockdown happened and remote recording became the norm, they created Frame to Frame.

Frame to Frame’s sole purpose is to discuss two films – at first glance not linked – and to find a link between them. This is agreed together beforehand, but the discussion itself is always never planned and organic. The choices of themes and the resulting movies they talk about make for some interesting discussions, and as will become apparent there are often some disagreements! (Andy and Sean stress that despite some heated discussions on the podcast, they are in fact, still good friends!)

Each episode of Frame to Frame features two very different films with these linked themes, which can be as trivial as films with Singing Cockroaches (see the recommended episode below), as obvious as South Korean films set on trains or as nondescript as Schools out for Summer, which sees Andy and Sean compare IT: Chapter One to Booksmart! Their episode choices are fascinating and it gives this podcast a unique and interesting edge, along with their rapport which despite the frequent disagreements, is fun and humorous. 

Andy and Sean joined the 30-strong podcast network We Made This as a way of ensuring continued collaboration and cross promotion, and relish being part of a community. 

If the topic was ‘Interesting thematically linked podcast with hosts that have great chemistry” the only option would be Frame to Frame…

Recommended episode: Episode 23 – Joe’s Apartment and Cats – (7 October 2020) – 

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