British movie podcast of the week: Not Having It All

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Each week, we highlight a terrific UK independent movie podcast well worth your time: here’s why Not Having It All fits the bill.

If you’re a regular reader of this feature, you’ll notice that movie podcasts tend to be primarily hosted by men. We don’t have the statistics to hand, but it’s a definite majority and the gender imbalance in podcasting is certainly something that needs addressing. One podcast who not only noticed, but aims to change it for the better, is Not Having It All

Not Having It All isn’t just a podcast, it’s an offshoot of a film company that’s focused on highlighting and promoting women and non-binary creatives.

That company is Rianne Pictures, which was founded in 2013 by Caris Rianne. Caris was a huge fan of podcasts, but noticed a distinct lack of female voices in the film and TV podcasting arena, especially those focused on women-led films and TV shows. Not Having It All came about after Caris moved 200 miles, and recording a podcast with her friends seemed a good way to kill two birds with one stone; she could stay in touch with her loved ones, as well as create a fantastic female-fronted podcast.

Not Having It All evolved from a solo project to including a regular co-host. Joining Caris was Neha Vyas, who also co-produces the podcast and while it stemmed from social media, it feels like a solid friendship as well as a strong professional partnership.

The name Not Having It All comes from something a lot of women experience – imposter syndrome – as in it’s okay to not have it all worked out. All of the team working on Not Having It All are diverse international women, including editor Rachel Williams, researchers Alina Faulds and Melissa Fielding and regular contributors Lauren Bird and Laverne Caprice.

With podcasting so male dominated, it was important to Caris and Neha to have a safe space for female voices talking about TV shows and films that are primarily aimed at a female audience, but not exclusively so. Episodes range from Hallmark Christmas movies to the recent Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and with over 100 episodes available there’s plenty to choose from regardless of your gender identity.

This is a podcast that’s clearly passionate about inclusivity, as well as having a genuine connection with their audience with regular opportunities for listener feedback. Caris and Neha have great chemistry, and it really does feel like sitting down for a chat with friends. Not Having It All is incredibly easy to listen to and you’ll find yourself bingeing episodes before you know it, and the theme song is an earworm too!

You can have it all, by listening to Not Having It All

Rianne Pictures is currently working with six aspiring filmmakers in their mentoring scheme, as well as hosting Women X, their own film festival in September. If you are a woman or non-binary filmmaker, submissions for Women X are open until the end of June. Visit for more information.

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