British movie podcast of the week: Once Upon A Nightmare

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Our movie podcast recommendation of the week is very much the stuff of nightmares, with horror movies in its crosshairs.

“The stuff of nightmares” or “nightmare fuel” are phrases  often used to describe scenes so shocking you’ll be jolting up in bed with the cold sweats for days; that vivid imagery burned into your retinas long after you’ve seen them. No one likes nightmares, right? 

Well, one podcast relishes those nightmares, and invites you in to experience them. That podcast is Once Upon a Nightmare, and it’s hosted by Lorraine.

Lorraine is no stranger to this feature, having been featured on her previous podcast Show Me The Podcast back in January 2020. While that podcast is on indefinite hiatus right now, Lorraine’s passions extend to the horrors, both factual and fictional. She created Once Upon a Nightmare as a solo venture in July 2020, initially as a true crime and horror movie podcast. She decided to change that focus to be purely on horror movies, but include films with a true crime element to them. After all, horror is often derived from true events, that’s what makes it so terrifying.

Lorraine’s passion for the horror genre is evident. She admits to loving the scares and relishes the psychological effects post-watch; that sense of fear that maybe something is hiding under the bed, or in the cupboard. The sheer escapism keeps her wanting to be petrified again and again, followed by that cathartic feeling of knowing she’s safe after all. She really is the perfect person to host a horror movie podcast!

Episodes of Once Upon a Nightmare are well-researched and structured. Lorraine is a friendly and welcoming host, and tackles the often difficult subject matters (especially relating to true events) with sensitivity and subtlety. Her voice is a calming, almost soothing presence, a juxtaposition to the scary, often morbid topic of conversation. Whether you’re a fan of true crime, horror films or both, Once Upon a Nightmare has something for you.

Don’t have nightmares, listen to Once Upon a Nightmare

Recommended episode: Episode 43 (6 July 2021) – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre –  

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