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Our weekly slot where we highlight an independent UK movie podcast to try: this week, it’s Pick Of The Flicks.

Film reviews and the world of film criticism is often an extremely negative place to be. In the modern cinematic world full of sequels, remakes, prequels and reboots, there’s an uncertainty and a despondence on the “state of cinema”, and whilst podcasting is mostly a fun and positive arena, there are some podcasts that share and spread negative or cynical views.

Tom Beasley wanted to change that. He’s not new to podcasting having first been part of one at university in 2014 but he wanted to put out a podcast which made talking about movies a positive conversation, and how better than to invite a guest on to talk about a movie they love? People love what they love, and when they do, that positivity is infectious and life-affirming. The joy of hearing someone so passionate about a piece of cinema that, true, might not be the greatest achievement ever set to film, but that means something to that person. It’s a simple idea, perfectly executed.

Part of the Flickering Myth network, Pick of the Flicks sets out to celebrate the movies that people genuinely have a deep and meaningful affection for. Each episode Tom invites a guest to feature who picks the flick they are the most enthusiastic and joyful about. So far he has featured a diverse array of guests from the world of film, comedians and authors, including Film Stories editor Simon Brew. It seems there’s a story behind that episode, too…something about stolen notes?!?

Tom is a great host and the conversation flows naturally, in a friendly, informal and uninterrupted manner and most importantly, a guest’s choice is never frowned upon or derided. There should be more love in the world, and Pick of the Flicks is a great tonic for if you’re feeling a bit low. Just put an episode on and let that infectious joy spread!

Pick of the Flicks is my Pick of the Pods!

Recommended episode: Aliens w/ Diane Spencer (3 April 2019) –

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