British movie podcast of the week: The Honeymoon Period

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Our movie podcast recommendation of the week is one that was born out of tragedy: a few words on The Honeymoon Period.

Most podcasts we feature stem from trips down the pub or chats after the cinema. Talking about movies often brings people together with the sole purpose of creating a podcast about their thoughts and experiences. Often, though, podcasts are born of grief or loss. It’s something we don’t really talk about, but we should. The Honeymoon Period has been open and honest about their journey into movie podcasting.

Firstly, a brief trigger warning. Something we’ve never done on a feature before, but as this particular story involves infant loss, we want to let you know up front. Feel free to stop reading now if you need to.

Life was pretty peachy for Elaine and Mark Gregersen. They met at a film club and got married in a brewery. Newly married, they discovered they were expecting twins. Life, however, has a way of unexpectedly changing, and without warning Elaine found herself going into premature labour. Their sons, Henry and Blake, were delivered at 24 weeks, weighing around 700g each.

Sadly, Henry passed away six days after his birth. Blake remained in a critical condition but fought on, spending 123 days in neonatal intensive care. Elaine and Mark, in-between visiting Blake at the hospital and grieving for the loss of Henry, found a lifeline in watching film and TV. It gave them an opportunity to spend time together and talk to each other, as well as try to switch off from real world trauma. It was these discussions, as well as the resulting pandemic meaning they were cut off from friends and family, that led them to creating The Honeymoon Period.

The Honeymoon Period may have been born of bereavement, but it’s a podcast that really is full of joy and positivity. It’s a remarkable podcast in many ways. Elaine and Mark are honest about their journey, and often speak of their sons, but that such an intense and harrowing experience can translate into something so wonderful and positive is a true testament to the strength of their characters and relationship. That communication between a couple during hard times is important, but it doesn’t always have to be serious and negative, and it’s proof that something so full of joy can come from heartbreak. It’s life-affirming and lovely.

Mark and Elaine will often relate their experiences should the subject arise in the film (or TV show, they cover both) that they’re talking about, which is not only a refreshing perspective on how grief and loss don’t need to consume our lives completely, but also working on The Honeymoon Period gives them an excuse to put their son to bed, wind down, enjoy each other’s company and forget the daily grind. 

You’ll be delighted to know that Blake is doing well, despite some complex long-term needs. Elaine and Mark are an extraordinary couple, blessed with an extraordinary son who’s inquisitive, happy and adventurous and, despite the lack of sleep, is the apple of his parents’ eyes. Even when he does disrupt recording….! 

Experience your very own honeymoon period, by binging this tremendous podcast.

Recommended episode: (10 April 2021) – Date Night: Palm Springs (2020)

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