British movie podcast of the week: The Movie Bunker Podcast

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In our weekly spot where we recommend an independent UK movie podcast, here’s why The Movie Bunker is worth your time.

Film critics often give movies a rough ride. I might be preaching to the converted, but take a look at your childhood classics, they usually get a savaging from professional critics. Sometimes that criticism is fair (mentioning no films specifically) but often many are left feeling that critics seem to miss the point of our beloved favourites. They might be a nostalgia fest, they might even be a guilty pleasure or they might simply be a bad movie.

Whatever you think, the hard work that goes into making films deserves the ‘love what you love’ mentality.

The Movie Bunker, hosted by brothers-in-law Chris Olden and Matt Jackson, does an excellent job of resurrecting and highlighting these maligned, forgotten films. They’re dedicated to finding the diamond in the rough. Films that are well-known, often cult classics, but that don’t have to be relegated to derision once they’ve been critically panned. Matt and Chris and a variety of special guests from various well-known outlets will discuss, dissect, defend and, if worthy, disprove the notion that it should remain in The Movie Bunker. 

Having each had previous experience hosting other podcasts, Matt and Chris have the necessary knowledge to share the research and production duties that go into podcast creation. Together they are passionate hosts, and having that familial relationship obviously helps when you’re talking about movies that tend to divide opinion.

Interestingly, despite many a critic’s scathing professional review of the 107 featured movies, frequently the guests on The Movie Bunker are indeed professional film critics, proving the fact that even the harshest critic has at least one overlooked gem in their repertoire. Only the greenest and squishiest of Rotten Tomatoes aggregate scores need apply. 

Would Chris and Matt recommend starting a movie podcast about bad movies? Absolutely, but expect your streaming service recommendations to get messed up…

In the apocalyptic wasteland of 2020, The Movie Bunker is one podcast that’s guaranteed to brighten your day.

Recommended episode: Episode 105 – The ‘Burbs with Chris Hewitt – (18 October 2020) – 

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