British movie podcast of the week: The Movie Robcast

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Our podcast recommendation of the week returns, and this time, we’ve got movies and a double dose of Robs.

Everyone knows a Rob. He’s the dependable, go-to guy. Rob’s personable and charming, with a great sense of humour. Rob knows the answer to your question, and delivers it with a wink and a smile. For the Film Stories British movie podcast recommendation to return after a brief break, it simply had to be hosted by a Rob, and this time you get two Rob’s for the price of one.

The Movie Robcast, hosted by Rob Daniel and Rob Wallis (for ease, I’ll refer to them as Rob D and Rob W going forward) actually came about from a job interview. Rob D was interviewing Rob W for a position at the company he worked for, and during this interview the topic turned to film chat (about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 no less) and their cinephilic friendship was born. It goes without saying that Rob W was hired, and their continuing film chats obviously naturally progressed into podcast form and certainly did not detract from them working very hard at their respective jobs.

Originally called The Electric Shadows Podcast, named after Rob D’s website, the name was changed to The Movie Robcast at the start of 2020, which highlighted the plain and simple fact that this was a podcast about movies hosted by two guys named Rob. And a really great one, to boot.

There’s a 16-year age difference between the two Robs, but that means there’s a wealth of different cinematic experience and taste to go on. While Rob D does do admittedly the majority of the behind-the-scenes work on The Movie Robcast, the tables have turned on their next podcasting venture together, a podcast about the movie Highlander (which we’re saving for a future feature!), and Rob W has taken the editing and research reins for that one.

What the Robs’ give us in The Movie Robcast consists of layered, interesting and delightful discussions on movies both new and old, with a variety of brilliant guests, including some previously featured podcasts. No mention of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on The Movie Robcast feed yet. Come on Robs: as it brought you together we need to know your thoughts on that one!.

If you don’t know a Rob in real life, well now you know two. And if you’re looking for a new podcast, you need to make it the Robcast! 

Recommended episode: Episode 78 (6 Jan 2020) – Cats – 

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