British movie podcast of the week: The Paul and Griff Show

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Our independent movie podcast of the week is one that’s made its mark in just under six months – let’s have a chat about Paul and Griff.

The Coronavirus lockdown and launch of Disney+ has already inspired one of our featured podcasts, but unlike that show which remained Disney-centric, The Paul and Griff Show has evolved from Disney original musicals to featuring some of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood history.

Since launching in April 2020, The Paul and Griff Show, hosted by (unsurprisingly) Paul and Griff, has since brought out the big guns and tackled some of the most iconic movies ever made, and the best friends at the heart of it show no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

Paul and Griff, who started working together almost 20 years ago, were part of a team working on another podcast discussing remakes and reboots which went on hiatus. They took that time and quickly decided to create a new podcast, with Paul working on the technical side, editing and producing the episodes and Griff on the social media and marketing side. The Paul and Griff Show has since produced 18 episodes, starting with Disney original musicals and branching out into cinematic behemoths.

While they’re a relatively new podcast, don’t be fooled into thinking they’re inexperienced. The Paul and Griff Show is incredibly well researched and produced, and they’ve proved that they’re not afraid to change up their output and react to listener feedback. Their listeners remain incredibly supportive and passionate about the podcast. New features introduced, such as ‘Film News of the Week’ and ‘This Week in History’ have both been well-received, as are the Top 6 Countdowns they format for each movie, on a topic related to the film they’re featuring. Change can be scary for some podcasts, but not The Paul and Griff Show. In fact, they seem to thrive on it.

Griff, as the social media guru, is especially prevalent on Twitter, engaging with other podcasts and listeners on a regular basis, which is something that sets this podcast apart from others. The Paul and Griff Show is a podcast that’s always open to listener interaction. This is a passion project for Paul and Griff, and it shows from their enthusiastic and engaging interactions. 

Looking for a good podcast, though? You need The Paul and Griff Show…

Recommended episode: Episode 16 – Dissecting Jurassic Park & Top 6 Steven Spielberg movies before 2000 – (18 August 2020) – 

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