British movie podcast of the week: Ugly Pulp Odyssey

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It’s our movie podcast recommendation of the week: and this time, a trio of hosts are arguing over movies.

What do you get when you mix The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Pulp Fiction, 2001: A Space Odyssey, references to The Simpsons and three bickering raucous Glaswegian men? You, of course, get the Ugly Pulp Odyssey podcast, named after the three hosts’ favourite respective films. It’s a genius idea really; you get to pay tribute to your favourite movies, and have an individual podcast name at the same time.

Ugly Pulp Odyssey's hosts Barry McAleenan, Martin Macdonald and Ross Crawford are old high school friends who would regularly wax lyrical about their favourite films over beers. While they’d originally thought of starting a podcast two years ago, the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown provided an ample opportunity for them to get together virtually and make their podcast dream a reality.

Musician Barry handles most of the technical aspects of the day-to-day running of Ugly Pulp Odyssey, including the charming theme tune; Martin is the social media and scheduling wizard and Ross manages the website and leaderboard. Ugly Pulp Odyssey is very much a team effort and this shows in the audio and production quality. They enjoy long form discussions with in-depth analysis, as well as a little bit of fruity language.

Speaking of that fruity language, while they tend to focus on films they love, they also have a series of episodes specifically dedicated to bad movies, the subtitle of which contains a naughty word not to be repeated here. Apparently the worst movie they’ve seen so far is The Happening; their joint best and favourite is currently Terminator 2: Judgment Day. A fine choice indeed.

It’s not all f-bombs and curse words though. Barry, Martin and Ross are all huge fans of The Simpsons, and try to reference the longest running American scripted series of all time in each episode. ¡Ay, caramba!

It’s very clear that Barry, Martin and Ross have such a passion for their friendship, as well as Ugly Pulp Odyssey. Their chemistry fuels the show, they’re clearly having a blast doing it, and it’s always nice to hear the Glaswegian accent represented in film podcasting.

There’s nothing ugly about Ugly Pulp Odyssey. You should diddly-doodly-download it now…


Recommended episode: Episode 4: Face/Off (11 November 2020) ––4—FaceOff-emb2mu 


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