British movie podcast of the week: We Needed Roads

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Our movie podcast recommendation of the week? Well, you can probably spot the Back To The Future influence in its title.

Roads. The UK is full of them. Some of the best ones were built by the Romans. We need roads. This isn’t, however, the British road podcast of the week (although if there isn’t yet a podcast dedicated to Britain’s best roads, that definitely requires remedying). No, where we’re going, we don’t need roads; we need We Needed Roads.

We Needed Roads’ name is clearly inspired by one of the greatest pop culture event trilogies of cinema – Back To The Future. It’s not a dedicated Back to the Future podcast (although again, that needs to exist!). Hosts Neil Gregory and David Llong are both huge Back to the Future fans and were inspired by Doc Brown exclaiming “where we’re going, we don’t need roads” (and then ending up in a version of 2015 where we actually did need roads)

But enough of roads, for this is a podcast very much about movies. Longtime friends and former work colleagues Neil and David spent a lot of time chatting about movies at the TV station they both worked at. Once David left, a podcast was the inevitable way to continue their discussions.

We Needed Roads mainly focuses on discussing the latest movie releases, with a handful of retrospectives sprinkled in for good measure. In fact, when we asked them which movie of 2021 they’d wholeheartedly recommend that everyone must see, Dune came out unequivocally and unanimously on top. 

Like Doc Brown and Marty McFly, you need a timeless pairing you can root for, and Neil and David are clearly long-time friends with all the mutual affection and occasional banter that invokes. We’d like to think their fashion sense isn’t still stuck in 1985, though. They split the podcast tasks equally to reach the precise eighty-eight miles per hour necessary to record, edit and release a podcast. We can neither confirm nor deny that they use a modified DeLorean in which to record in.

Just don’t ask about the Freddy Got Fingered incident….

We Needed Roads. It’s 1.21 gigawatts of awesome…

Recommended episode: Episode 21 – Top 10 Horror films of all time – (21 October 2021) 

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