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This week’s UK independent movie podcast recommendation: Why This Film.

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. The movies we watched as children; with our best friends on sleepovers or on a Saturday evening with family shape our budding, tiny minds into believing the stories we’re told not only could be real, but also give us our own hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Revisiting those films as adults often feels like a warm cosy comfort blanket, surrounded by fluffy marshmallows and hot chocolate, and that’s exactly how listening to Why This Film feels.

Each episode, host Emily Slade and her guest whisk us back to a time when Freddo's cost distinctly less than they do now, to chat about a movie the guest loved as a child and how that opinion might differ without the rose-tinted spectacles of childhood. Initially starting as Emily interviewing friends, as the podcast has grown she now gets requests from other podcasters to appear. There’s guaranteed to be at least one movie in her episode list that’ll make you internally shout “I LOVED that movie as a kid!”

Emily is such a welcoming presence as a host; inviting the listener into this conversation. She taps into this joy of nostalgia perfectly and episodes feel warm and fun, often with facts and fun references in the movie discussed too. For example, the recommended episode below mentions Encarta: the Wikipedia of choice for millennials everywhere, back when everything you needed came on a CD-ROM.

As we age and the world changes, these trips down memory lane often become our happy place. A time when those exciting trips to the local video store and choosing from row upon row of VHS cases. They were our streaming service of choice. Why This Film perfectly encapsulates that time in our lives which was joyous, fun and free from the constraints of being grown-ups.

Why This Film: why this podcast? For all the reasons noted above, actually.

Recommended episode: Small Soldiers (with Lewis Wolverson) (27 Aug 2019) –

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