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Each week, we recommend a UK movie podcast we reckon you should check out – and this time around, we want to have a natter about Woo Long Talks.

Many of the podcasts we’ve featured on the British Podcast Recommendation have started from pub sessions, but this one… this one… goes way back to GCSE Maths, when a teenage Jason was forced to sit next to a boy he didn’t know in a busy class. The boy started talking, introduced himself as Rich, and they didn’t know it at the time, but after a few awkward questions, destiny (and a mutual love of comic books, anime, gaming and Star Wars) would shape the lives of these two geeky young men, would make them lifelong best friends and bestow upon them the title of  the nicest guys in podcasting.

Since 2010 they knew they wanted to share their conversations with the world. It was an incident in 2016 with an unnamed podcaster at an unnamed comic book shop who stole one of Rich’s theories about a story arc for the Marvel Cosmic Universe, that set them on the life of podcasting, because hell hath no fury like a geek scorned!

The resulting rage at a great idea being stolen by someone else meant only one thing – they had to have a podcast; they had to tell the world their theories and have them immortalised on the internet for all to enjoy.

Nerd culture flows through these guys like blood. Their knowledge is incredible, they take the history of comic books and anime seriously but never act like gatekeepers. They have a genuine love and respect for the art of creation and their rapport is almost brotherly; having grown up together since that Maths class. They pride themselves on being ‘Black, British and Geeky’, and it was a gap in the podcast market of shows with black hosts who loved the things they loved that sealed the deal. With nothing but a laptop, a couple of hands free kits and Google Hangouts, Woo Long Talks became a reality.

Jason and Rich are so passionate about sharing their love of all things geek; movies, anime, books, gaming and comic books. That love seeps through each episode of Woo Long Talks. They also enthusiastically highlight independent creatives and really throw their support behind fellow podcasters. Not only do they run Woo Long Talks (named after the currency Woolong in legendary anime Cowboy Bebop), they also have a dedicated podcast for their love of Cowboy Bebop called The Bebop Rewatch, which is published on the same feed.

Last year Jason and his wife welcomed a baby into the family and as with all new parents, the cutest addition to their family has meant the podcast taking a bit of a back seat of late, but their back catalogue is so rich (no pun intended) and varied, while they don’t post new episodes regularly at the moment, there’s plenty of great content to catch up on and I’ve been reliably informed that more episodes are on the way.

Recommended episode: Episode 57 “Nuff ‘Said!” In memory of Stan Lee (15 November 2018) –

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