Film Quiz Friday: The Re-Disneyfied Edition

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There’s no Premiere Access required for this week’s quiz, which includes questions about Disney’s live-action remakes and various other bits of movie trivia.

We’ve cooked up another 30 questions for you to enjoy over the weekend, with a specialist round on Disney films. As Mulan arrives on Disney+, this week’s questions relate to the studio’s live-action remakes, but as with many of those films, you may find the answers share a fair bit of crossover with the original animated versions too.

Once you’ve completed all three rounds, you’ll find a link to a separate post with the correct answers at the bottom of this post. Please do get in touch in the comments and let us know how you did (scores out of 30 this week!) and give us any other lovely feedback. Here goes…


ROUND ONE – This Week in Movie History

This round is around about new releases and general film history from this week in years past – we’ve given you the year at the start of each question to help out!

  1. 2001 – Who plays jousting hopeful William Thatcher in A Knight’s Tale?
  2. 2013 – Which fantasy comedy sees the male members of the Lake family travelling backwards and forwards within their own lifetimes at will?
  3. 1997 – Which Oscar-nominated comedy stars Robert Carlyle, Mark Addy, and Tom Wilkinson as unemployed steelworkers?
  4. 1986 – Which band wrote and performed “Who Wants To Live Forever” for the Highlander soundtrack?
  5. 2005 – “The longer you wait, the harder it gets” is the tagline to which raunchy comedy?
  6. 2020 – The New Mutants is a spin-off from which comic-book movie franchise?
  7. 1949 – Born this week, who plays defence attorney Billy Flynn in 2002’s Chicago?
  8. 2011 – Which horror remake stars Colin Farrell as vampire next door Jerry Dandridge?
  9. 1975 – Which fictional sport involves five skaters, two catchers, and three motorcyclists per team?
  10. 1980 – Which disaster movie spoof is a loose remake of the 1957 drama Zero Hour?


ROUND TWO – Disney in Live Action

Speaking of remakes, Disney has backed a fairly lucrative line of live-action films adapted from previously animated properties – here’s 10 questions about some of their re-Disneyfied hits…

  1. What is the name of the “man-cub” played by Neel Sethi in 2016’s The Jungle Book?
  2. As the Genie, Will Smith sings two songs on the soundtrack to 2019’s Aladdin – “Friend Like Me” and which other?
  3. Which 1996 remake stars Hugh Laurie as Jasper and Mark Williams as Horace?
  4. Who plays the grown-up title character in the Winnie the Pooh legacyquel Christopher Robin?
  5. Which 2016 remake connects Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Redford, and Karl Urban?
  6. “I’m especially good at expectorating!” Which villain does Luke Evans play in 2017’s Beauty And The Beast?
  7. What is the full title of the 2016 sequel to Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland?
  8. Which Oscar-winner plays wicked stepmother Lady Tremaine in 2015’s Cinderella?
  9. 2010’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is inspired by which Disney animated film?
  10. Which remake of an animated series connects Brendan Fraser, Leslie Mann, and John Cleese?



Let’s finish with a random selection of pot luck movie questions – these could come from any era, any genre, or any level of difficulty. Enjoy!

  1. Burke, Hudson, and Vasquez are characters in which 1980s sequel?
  2. Which musician did the great Chadwick Boseman play in 2014’s Get On Up?
  3. How many Scream films have been released to date?
  4. Who connects the films Romeo Must Die, Kiss Of The Dragon, and Unleashed?
  5. What is the full title of the fifth Die Hard movie?
  6. Which Shakespearean character has been played on the big screen by Kenneth Branagh, Mel Gibson, and Arnold Schwarzenegger?
  7. Which 2019 horror film serves as a belated sequel to 1980’s The Shining?
  8. Who directed 1998’s Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas?
  9. What kind of animal is Hidalgo in the 2004 adventure film Hidalgo?
  10. And finally, which 2018 sequel sees Lily James take over the role of Donna Sheridan?

Ready for the answers?

That’s the end of this week’s quiz – when you’re ready to check your answers, click here to get them (it’ll take you to another page). We’ll have another quiz for you next Friday, but until then, let us know your scores in the comments below!



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