Quiz Answers: 12th May 2023 (Instant Sequels)

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Here are the answers to our quiz from 12th May 2023 – how did you do?

1. Who plays Robin Hood in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood?

Russell Crowe

2. Which erotic thriller famously features a scene where Sharon Stone crosses and uncrosses her legs?

Basic Instinct

3. The Dream Master is the fourth instalment in which horror movie franchise?

A Nightmare On Elm Street

4. Born this week, who plays Miss Trunchbull in Danny DeVito’s 1996 version of Matilda?

Pam Ferris

5. In cinemas now! Which 2018 comedy has a sequel subtitled The Next Chapter?

Book Club

6. Who won an Oscar for playing Annie Wilkes in Misery?

Kathy Bates

7. Complete the title of the Hammer horror movie: Taste The Blood Of…?

… Dracula

8. Also born this week, who connects the 1990s films Con Air, Mission: Impossible, and Pulp Fiction?

Ving Rhames

9. “A bitch of a werewolf movie” is the tagline to which British horror film?

Dog Soldiers

10. Who directed the rock musical Phantom Of The Paradise?

Brian De Palma

11. Jack Black’s new teaching gig focuses on petrology and mineralogy. (2003)

School Of Rocks

12. Tom Hanks recalls his eco-friendly commutes to various prisons. (1999)

The Green Miles

13. Dustin Hoffman is back, and this time, he’s got some curtains to hang up. (1991)


14. Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn mime looking for hidden money without speaking to each other. (1963)


15. Steve Carell and colleagues capitalise on some oversized summer-wear. (2015)

The Big Shorts

16. Humphrey Bogart is surprised when the lead singer of the Strokes walks into his bar. (1942)


17. Ben Affleck mounts an audacious rescue under the pretence of shopping. (2012)


18. Robert De Niro spends a night struggling with an upset tummy. (1988)

Midnight Runs

19. Paul Walker and Jessica Alba pivot from surfing to jazz and folk music. (2005)

Into The Blues

20. Edward Norton is both narrow-minded and narrow-waisted. (1998)

American History XS

21. What name connects the star of The Great Escape and the director of 12 Years A Slave?

They’re both called Steve McQueen

22. Owen Grady is a major character in which film franchise?

Jurassic World

23. Who plays Eurovision hopeful Lars Erickssong in the 2020 comedy Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga?

Will Ferrell

24. What job connects the movie characters Korben Dallas, Max Durocher, and Travis Bickle?

They’re taxi drivers, in The Fifth Element, Collateral, and Taxi Driver, respectively.

25. Which director was born earliest – Carl Reiner or Rob Reiner?

Carl Reiner is Rob’s dad

26. In which century is The Social Network set?

The 21st century!

27. What surname connects the actors Jaime, Joey, and Regina?

King, as in Jaime King, Joey King, and Regina King

28. Which British TV series was adapted into a live-action 2004 adventure film starring Bill Paxton as Jeff Tracy?


29. In the news! Which prehistoric species is “Meg” short for in The Meg and its upcoming sequel?

Megaladon (shoulda called the sequel The Megs)

30. And finally, what name connects fictional countries featured in Duck Soup, Jabberwocky, and Despicable Me 3?


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