Quiz Answers: 14th April 2023 (Always Bet On Jack)

Jack Black in School of Rock
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Here are the answers to our quiz from 14th April 2023 – how did you do?

1. In cinemas this week! Nicholas Hoult plays which assistant of Dracula in a new horror comedy of the same name?

Renfield, in Renfield

2. Dr Zaius is a major character in which classic sci-fi movie?

Planet Of The Apes

3. Who does Keanu Reeves play in the Bill & Ted trilogy: Bill or Ted?

He plays Ted “Theodore” Logan!

4. Who plays multiverse-hopping murderer Gabriel Yulaw, and his variants, in the sci-fi action movie The One?

Jet Li

5. “All he wanted to do was dance” is a tagline for which teen movie?


6. Shaun Riley is the title character of which horror comedy?

Shaun Of The Dead

7. Both born this week, Ron Perlman and David Harbour are connected by which comic book character?


8. Which sci-fi film connects Tom Cruise, Andrea Riseborough, and Morgan Freeman?


9. Who plays Muriel Heslop in Muriel’s Wedding?

Toni Collette

10. Published 70 years ago this week, which novel connects a 1967 comedy starring David Niven and a 2006 movie starring Daniel Craig?

Casino Royale

11. Voiced by Jack Black, Po is the title character of which animated franchise?

Kung Fu Panda

12. What type of shop is Be Kind Rewind in Be Kind Rewind?

It’s a VHS rental shop

13. Sonic Death Monkey and Kathleen Turner Overdrive are the names of Black’s character’s band in which 2000 comedy?

High Fidelity

14. Which children’s horror author does Black play in Goosebumps?

R.L. Stine

15. Which director connects School Of Rock, Bernie, and Apollo 10.5: A Space Adventure?

Richard Linklater

16. Which Nintendo villain does Black voice in 2023’s The Super Mario Bros Movie?


17. Complete the title of the 2006 musical comedy – Tenacious D In The Pick Of… what?

… Destiny

18. In The Holiday, what Hollywood job does Black’s character Miles do for a living?

He’s a film composer

19. What is the name of the dog that Black kicks off a bridge in Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy?


20. Other than Black, which actor connects 2002’s Orange County, 2005’s King Kong, and both Jumanji sequels?

Colin Hanks co-stars in all four films

21. In the news! Also born this week, which Star Wars star will reportedly reprise her role as Rey in a new movie?

Daisy Ridley

22. In the Austin Powers films, Austin Powers was cryogenically frozen in what decade?

The 1960s

23. Who directed the 1970s films Dark Star, Assault On Precinct 13 and Halloween?

John Carpenter

24. Who plays Clark Kent and Superman in 1983’s Superman III?

Christopher Reeve

25. What is the full title of 2019’s fifth (and final?) Rambo movie?

Rambo: Last Blood

26. What surname connects siblings Chas, Richie, and Margot in a 2001 comedy-drama?

Tenenbaum, in The Royal Tenenbaums

27. How many Johnny English movies have been released to date?


28. What word goes before Artemis, Mumbai, and Transylvania to make the titles of three 2010s movies?

Hotel, as in Hotel Artemis, Hotel Mumbai, and Hotel Transylvania

29. Which New Zealand actor plays grown-up antichrist Damien Thorn in Omen III: The Final Conflict?

Sam Neill

30. And finally, which 2015 movie is the highest-grossing 18-certificate movie of all time at the UK box office?

Fifty Shades Of Grey

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