Quiz Answers: 14th July 2023 (Cruise Control)

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Here are the answers to our quiz from 14th July 2023 – how did you do?

1. Who plays Alice in Resident Evil and its sequels?

Milla Jovovich

2. What type of animal is Stuart Little in Stuart Little?

He’s a mouse

3. Born this week, who plays Indy’s goddaughter Helena Shaw in Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny?

Phoebe Waller-Bridge

4. In which action comedy does Bruce Willis play cat burglar Eddie Hawkins?

Hudson Hawk

5. In the 2007 remake of Sleuth, Jude Law plays Michael Caine’s role from the original. Who plays Laurence Olivier’s role?

Michael Caine

6. Which Adam Sandler character switches careers from ice hockey to golf in the sports comedy of the same name?

Happy Gilmore, in Happy Gilmore

7. In which British horror movie do subterranean “crawlers” ruin a spelunking adventure for Shauna Macdonald and friends?

The Descent

8. Also born this week, who connects the 1990s films Conspiracy Theory, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, and Star Trek: First Contact?

Patrick Stewart

9. In which mystery thriller does Gene Hackman play surveillance expert Harry Caul?

The Conversation

10. Which sci-fi movie features “Gipsy Danger”, “Crimson Typhoon”, and “Striker Eureka”?

They’re all giant robot Jaegers in Pacific Rim

11. What is the name of Tom Cruise’s character in the Mission: Impossible movies?

Ethan Hunt

12. In which 1990s movie does Cruise play Lestat de Lioncourt?

Interview With The Vampire

13. “Live. Die. Repeat.” Which 2014 movie has this tagline?

Edge Of Tomorrow, which adopted that tagline as its title on home release!

14. In which Steven Spielberg movie does Cruise play Ray Ferrier – Minority Report or War Of The Worlds?

War Of  The Worlds (he’s John Anderton in Minority Report)

15. Which Righteous Brothers song features in Maverick’s barroom serenade in Top Gun?

“You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling”

16. Which 2012 film marked Cruise’s first collaboration with Christopher McQuarrie as a director?

Jack Reacher

17. Who stars opposite Cruise as his older brother Raymond in Rain Man?

Dustin Hoffman

18. Which Cruise movie title goes before Damage and Beauty to make the titles of two other, non-Cruise films?

Collateral, as in 2002’s Collateral Damage and 2016’s Collateral Beauty.

19. Like Ron Kovic in Born On The Fourth Of July, Cruise was actually born on 4th July – true or false?

False, he was born on 3rd July, so ONE DAY OUT, as Ken Bruce might say!

20. Which character does Cruise play at the start of 2002’s Austin Powers In Goldmember?

Austin Powers, in the faux biopic Austinpussy

21. In the news! Who plays Elektra Natchios in Daredevil, Elektra, and the forthcoming Deadpool 3?

Jennifer Garner

22. Complete the title of the 1983 comedy starring Steve Martin: The Man With Two…?


23. 2004’s Layer Cake is the feature debut by which British director?

Matthew Vaughn

24. Which country connects the films Clash Of The Titans, Shirley Valentine, and 300?

They’re all primarily set in Greece

25. Who was born earliest – Simon Pegg or Nick Frost?

Simon Pegg, by 2 years

26. What comes next in this sequence? Dead Man’s Chest > At World’s End > …?

On Stranger Tides – these are all Pirates Of The Caribbean sequel subtitles.

27. Which filmmaking family starred in the 1946 comedy A Night In Casablanca?

The Marx Brothers

28. Who plays Carrie in 1976’s Carrie?

Sissy Spacek

29. In China, which 2017 musical action film was released under the international title “Extreme Bandit Car God”?

Baby Driver

30. And finally, which actor connects the films Magnolia, Mission: Impossible III, and The Master?

Philip Seymour Hoffman

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