Quiz Answers: 17th September 2021

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Here are the answers to our quiz from 17th September 2021 – how did you do?

1. Who plays George Smiley in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy?

Gary Oldman

2. Kenickie, Rizzo, and Frenchy are all characters in which movie musical?


3. Which sport features prominently in Talladega Nights – The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby?

NASCAR racing

4. “They’re here” is a famous quote and tagline from which supernatural horror movie?


5. In the Laika animated film of the same name, what friendly creatures live beneath the town of Cheesebridge?

The Boxtrolls, in The Boxtrolls

6. Who plays the titular Private Ryan in Saving Private Ryan?

Matt Damon (minus a million points if you’re gonna sass me with Nathan Fillion’s Private Ryan)

7. In which country is Wolf Creek set?


8. Born this week, who directed and co-starred in the 2021 Netflix comedy Moxie?

Amy Poehler

9. Which singer plays the title character in the British crime comedy Buster?

Phil Collins

10. Which Batman actor makes an early appearance as a bat-man in Dazed And Confused?

Ben Affleck (pictured)

11. What is Tom Cruise’s character’s call sign in Top Gun and its upcoming sequel?


12. What connects the criminal codenames in Reservoir Dogs, Revolver, and The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three?

They’re all named after colours

13. What type of bird is Mother Mary Stigmata’s nickname in The Blues Brothers?

She’s “the Penguin”

14. 2019’s Le Mans 66 has a different title in the US than in the rest of the world – what is it?

Ford Vs Ferrari

15. What alias connects characters played by Sean Connery, Woody Allen, and Rip Torn?

Z (in Zardoz, Antz, and Men In Black, respectively)

16. What is Raven Darkholme’s X-team name in the X-Men movies?


17. Which classic Hollywood star is affectionately nicknamed “Bogey”?

Humphrey Bogart

18. Which character name connects Jessie T. Usher, Samuel L. Jackson, and Richard Roundtree?

Shaft (or John Shaft, to use Usher’s character’s given name – all three generations appear in 2019’s Shaft)

19. Which Richard Curtis comedy was simply titled Pirate Radio on its US release?

The Boat That Rocked

20. Which other movie-star Michael’s real name is Michael Douglas?

Michael Keaton (he changed it because the other one was much more well known)

21. Which horror franchise is set in the fictional town of Woodsboro?


22. Who plays inventor Wayne Szalinski in Honey I Shrunk The Kids and its sequels?

Rick Moranis

23. In the news – Christopher Nolan has parted ways with Warner Bros and taken his next film to which movie studio?


24. In which film does Christoph Waltz play Dr King Schultz?

Django Unchained

25. Who connects the films Antwone Fisher, The Great Debaters, and Fences?

They’re all films directed by and starring Denzel Washington

26. Complete the title of the 1963 comedy – It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad…?


27. The Rise Of Cobra, Retaliation, and Snake Eyes are all films in which series?

G.I. Joe

28. Who plays Ruby Roundhouse in the Jumanji movies?

Karen Gillan

29. What colour goes before Steel, Streak, and Thunder to make the titles of three cop movies?


30. And finally, who plays characters called Harry in two of the top 10 worldwide box-office hits of 1994?

Jeff Daniels, in Speed and Dumb & Dumber

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