Quiz Answers: 18th September 2020 (Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey)

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Here are the answers to our quiz from 18th September 2020 – how did you do?


1. “I live my life a quarter-mile at a time” is a quote from which action movie?

The Fast & The Furious

2. Which singer performs the title song in Grease?

Frankie Valli

3. What is the full title of George A. Romero’s third Dead movie?

Day Of The Dead

4. Born this week, who plays Prince Edward in Disney’s Enchanted?

James Marsden

5. Crazy Rich Asians is largely set in which island nation?


6. In which film does Harrison Ford play President James Marshall?

Air Force One

7. Who plays Al Capone in The Untouchables?

Robert De Niro

8. Which slapstick action-thriller connects Clive Owen, Monica Bellucci, and Paul Giamatti?

Shoot ‘Em Up

9. Dazed And Confused is set during which decade?

The 1970s

10. William is the name of the title character in which comedy threequel?

He’s Bridget Jones’ baby, in Bridget Jones’s Baby

11. In Back To The Future, what is the name of the first dog to travel through time?


12. Who plays the time traveller in 2009’s The Time Traveller’s Wife?

Eric Bana

13. Based on the video game of the same name, which 2016 time-travel movie stars Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, and Jeremy Irons?

Assassin’s Creed

14. Who plays 19th century nobleman Leopold in Kate & Leopold?

Hugh Jackman

15. Which historical figure does Malcolm McDowell’s H.G. Wells pursue to the year 1979 in Time After Time?

Jack The Ripper (played by David Warner)

16. Set in the 14th century, which horror sequel had the working title Medieval Dead?

Army Of Darkness, the third Evil Dead movie

17. In which fantasy weepy does Christopher Reeve play a time-travelling playwright?

Somewhere In Time

18. Who directed 2012’s Looper?

Rian Johnson

19. Which Disney animated film features Wilbur, a 13-year-old time cop from the future?

Meet The Robinsons

20. Who is the first historical figure to arrive in 1988 in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure?

Napoleon Bonaparte

21. The 2005 romcom Must Love Dogs is a remake of the Spanish-language film Amores Perros – true or false?

False – the intended English-language title of Amores Perros is Love’s A Bitch, not Must Love Dogs

22. Which 2019 film stars Samara Weaving as a newlywed who is hunted by her in-laws?

Ready Or Not

23. How many Police Academy movies have been released to date?

7 (The planned reboot has been in development hell since 2003)

24. What kind of animal is Rango in the animated western Rango?

He’s a chameleon

25. Which 1946 Powell and Pressburger film features an iconic sequence with an escalating stairway to heaven?

A Matter Of Life And Death (or, as it was rather literally titled upon its original US release, Stairway To Heaven)

26. Who retired from acting in 2017, three years after her most recent roles in The Other Woman, Sex Tape, and Annie?

Cameron Diaz

27. Complete the trilogy – Meet The Parents, Meet The Fockers

Little Fockers

28. In which horror movie does Salma Hayek play a stripper called Santanico Pandemonium?

From Dusk Til Dawn

29. 1997’s US Marshals is a spin-off from which Oscar-nominated film?

The Fugitive

30. And finally, which Scottish city features in the title of 1986’s highest-grossing comedy film?

Dundee (as in Crocodile Dundee)


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