Upcoming film books: a release list of what’s coming out when

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If you love books about cinema, then here’s a calendar of upcoming movie book releases, that are currently up for preorder.

We love a good book about the movies around these parts, and keep an ever-expanding list of titles we recommend. You can find that here. But one thing we’ve struggled to find is a regularly-updated list of what film books are on the horizon over the next year or two. Given that books tend to be announced or at least put up for preorder up to a year or two in advance, there’s no shortage of them on the way.

This, then, is us trying to do something about that. We’ve organised this list by month, as release dates do tend to fluctuate a week or two it seems. We’ve included links to find out more about the titles concerned. Please note that these are affiliate links, that help with the running of our independent website, but we want to be transparent that there is a small benefit to us in you clicking them. That said, that’s not what this calendar is about.

Instead, it’s a celebration of the reading ahead of us. We’ve avoided overtly academic texts that are selling for sky high prices. Likewise, making-of books for upcoming movies tend to bubble up without any push from us. This lot, though, will hopefully be of interest…


February 2nd: Mike Nichols: A Life by Mark Harris

February 18th: Women vs Hollywood: The Fall and Rise of Women in Film by Helen O’Hara

February 25th: The British Film Industry in 25 Careers: The Mavericks, Visionaries and Outsiders Who Shaped British Cinema by Geoffrey Macnab

March 16th: Shooting Midnight Cowboy: Art, Sex, Loneliness, Liberation and the Making Of A Dark Classic by Glenn Frankel

March 21st: The Beauty Of Living Twice by Sharon Stone

April 6th: Tom Selleck’s memoir by Tom Selleck

April 6th: Blade Runner 2049: The Storyboards by Sam Hudekci

April 6th: No Time To Die: The Making Of The Film by Mark Salisbury

April 15th: Naked Screenwriting: Twenty-two Oscar-Winning Screenwriters Bare Their Secrets to Writing by Lew Hunter

May 12th: The Seventies: The Decade That Changed American Film Forever by Vincent LoBrutto

June 1st: Army Of The Dead: The Making Of The Film

June 10th: Pixar Museum by Simon Beecroft

June 22nd: Guillermo del Toro: Studies In The Horror Film by Guillermo del Toro

July 13th: Go Love Yourself: A Guide to Radical Acceptance of Yourself and Others by Zachary Levi

August 5th: Mike Leigh On Mike Leigh by Amy Raphael and Mike Leigh

August 5th: Light In The Dark – A History Of Movie Directors

August 17th: Nora Ephron – A Life

September 16th: The Pixar Museum

September 30th: Gary Sinise’s memoir

October 1st: Camera Man: Buster Keaton, The Dawn Of Cinema, And The Invention Of The Twentieth Century by Dana Stevens

October 1st: The MGM Effect: How A Hollywood Studio Changed The World

October 5th: Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years: The Definitive Story Behind the Blockbuster Studio by Tara Bennett and Paul Terry

October 7th: The Silence Of The Lambs: BFI Film Classics

October 7th: Trouble In Paradise: BFI Film Classics

October 7th: The Thing: BFI Film Classics

October 14th: Brian Cox memoir

October 21st: 100 American Horror Films (BFI)

November 2nd: Back To The Future: In Their Own Words

November 4th: Creating Back to the Future: The Art and Production Design of the Movie Trilogy by Joe Walser, Michael Klastorin and Rob Klein


February 3rd 2022: Suddenly Something Clicked by Walter Murch (Star Wars editor)

April 7th 2022: del Toro on del Toro by Jason Wood and Guillermo del Toro


We’ll keep updating this list as we discover more…

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