Wellbeing and Mental Health Matters: I’m Not OK

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Our weekly spot where we chat about mental health and wellbeing, and a few words rather close to home.

Hello everyone, and welcome to Wellbeing Matters, a quiet spot on the site to have a chat and a think about things that might be affecting us. This week, a few words about why I’m not okay.

And to say that it’s okay for me to admit that. My life has been a little overwhelming this year, with competing priorities and demands leading me to realise that I’m struggling. I’ve become a carer. I’m not in good health myself, and struggling to get appropriate treatment. There are elements of my personal life that are difficult to deal with.

What can I do about it? Well, on the advice of a doctor, I reached out to a local carer’s support charity who’ve been amazing. Thanks to them I’m starting counselling that I couldn’t otherwise afford, to try to order the jigsaw pieces in my mind that are currently scattered about.

They help with the practical stuff too, having put me through to an excellent benefits and money advisor that helps me see the wider financial picture, not just for me but for the person I care for.

Physically, there’s a lot going on, which wasn’t helped by a fall last week. Nothing majorly bruised other than my pride, but it’s quite sobering to realise the depth of your own weakness when you’re flat out on the floor, unable to stand up for quite some time. Got to be honest, it was a bit of a low point.

For the next few weeks’, I’m effectively a pawn on my own chessboard, moved here and there by unseen hands. Some of them have big needles attached, but hopefully come with answers and practical solutions when complete. For this reason, I’ll be taking a short break from my weekly article here at Film Stories, though I hope to be back before too long.

I’m not okay. But I will be. Brilliant people have offered their support, given me space and time, given me practical solutions to crappy problems. Because sometimes all the seemingly little things mount up and become insurmountable, a wall of tasks with no visible route over the top.

I’m hoping you folk are all doing okay, and that you have a wonderful few summery weeks. But if you’re not doing so well yourself, remember that’s fine too. I hope there’s someone you can reach out to yourselves, be it a friend, family member or support organisation.

Take care, all. Jane.

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