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Our podcast of the week recommendation is a terrific choice for horror movie fans.

For more than a century, the horror genre has evoked nightmares, revulsions and terror from cinemagoers across the world. From Universal’s Classic monster movies in the 1930s, low budget monster B-movies in the 1950s, 70’s and 80’s slashers through to modern remakes, low-budget found footage, foreign horror and the ever popular zombies, vampires and werewolves; horror and its many subgenres have endured cinema and continue to appeal to all audiences.

The Evolution of Horror perfectly encapsulates the trends of horror cinema, with host Mike Muncer’s love of the genre oozing through every pore of this delightful podcast

Split into seasons focusing on a particular subgenre of horror (slashers, ghosts, zombies, the occult and folk horror have all featured thus far), each week Mike is joined by a special guest to discuss a particular film within that subgenre, as well as its place within it and the legacy of that film within the genre, such as any sequels or remakes and, if it is more of a classic, how the film holds up to more modern horror trends.

Horror is now the most lucrative genre for independent films in the US, and there’s clearly a reason for this. People love being scared; to have that chance to experience fear in a safe place, to get that cathartic release of adrenaline, endorphins and dopamine. Mike taps into this post-horror sense of euphoria by not only taking the genre seriously, but really diving into these productions, their impact on cinema as a whole and celebrating them, blood, guts and all.

It’s worth mentioning too, that The Evolution of Horror isn’t just for die-hard (excuse the pun!) horror fans and serves as a great introduction into the genre, covering horror comedies such as Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice, all the way through to hardcore horror classics like The Exorcist.

Don’t be the final girl (or boy or person) to download this podcast. Do it now, otherwise the monsters will find you*

(*not really. Scared you though, didn’t I?!)

Recommended episode: S5 E10 OCCULT Pt 10: The Exorcist (w/ guest Mark Kermode) (3 January 2020) –

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