28 Years Later is filming in May, needs marathon runners

28 Days Later
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Filming on 28 Years Later looks set to start in May, and it sounds as if they’re going to need some very athletic extras.

Things are moving really rather quickly on Danny Boyle’s new film, the belated third entry in the saga that began with 28 Days Later.

The new film – 28 Years Later – is kicking off a fresh trilogy of movies, with Boyle directing the first and Nia DaCosta already confirmed for whatever the second/fourth film in the series turns out to be called.

Alex Garland has returned to pen the screenplay, and casting news on 28 Years Later has been moving ahead. The luring back of Oscar-winner Cillian Murphy was a rather good place to start (although as we reported here, where he fits into the trilogy is a little unclear).

Sony Pictures has picked up the distribution for the trilogy – costing in the region of $75m a film – and it looks as if work it going to begin pretty sharpish. That’s come to light courtesy of an extras posting from the Casting Collective agency.

It’s revealed that the film is after very athletic people – marathon runners, cyclists, triathletes, fit people with lean strong physiques – to flesh out the cast. The appeal for extras is an urgent one, and the casting call reveals too that filming is set to begin on 28 Years Later in May.

28 years later shoot

It’s enough to almost make us put our coffee down and check out our own lean, strong, physique. Shouldn’t take too long.

It doesn’t specifically name the film, but you hardly need to be Sherlock Holmes to piece this one together. Bottom line: Danny Boyle is crewing up, and at speed, with filming set for the north east of England.

If you’re interested in running very fast away from people trying to kill you, then it might be worth taking a look at the Casting Collective page, right here.

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