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As the format continues to slowly gain traction – here’s our regularly-updated list of upcoming 4K UK disc releases.

Sitting alongside our list of upcoming DVD and Blu-ray releases (that you can find here), we’re also keeping a calendar for those who support the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc format. As we learn of new UK releases, we’ll add them to this list.

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Without further ado, here are the titles we know about…

Out now

6th May: Night Swim
10th May: Queen Rock Montreal + Live Aid
13th May: Once Upon A Time In The West
13th May: The Last Kumite (Steelbook)
13th May: The Dreamers
13th May: American Sniper
13th May: Footloose

20th May: Raging Bull (Criterion)
20th May: Future Boy Conan – Part 1
20th May: Crimson Peak
20th May: Source Code
20th May: Marvel’s The Falcon And The Winter Soldier (Steelbook)

27th May: Fist Of Legend
27th May: The Long Good Friday
27th May: The Valiant Ones
27th May: Star Trek III: The Search For Spock (Steelbook)
27th May: Train To Busan
27th May: Train To Busan Presents: Peninsula
27th May: Dune: Part II
27th May: Bob Marley: One Love (Steelbook)
27th May: Bob Marley: One Love
27th May: Santa Sagre

3rd June: Mad Max Fury Road (Steelbook)
3rd June: Star Wars: Obi Wan (Steelbook)
3rd June: The Italian Job (original)
3rd June: Lisa Frankenstein
3rd June: Ronin
3rd June: The Crow (1994)
3rd June: Glory: 35th Anniversary Edition (Steelbook)
10th June: To Kill With Intrigue
10th June: Ferrari
10th June: The Thing (Steelbook)
10th June: Shrek Forever After (Steelbook)
10th June: Shrek 1-4

Coming soon

17th June: Marvel’s Moon Knight (Steelbook)
17th June: Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom (Steelbook)
17th June: Chinatown
24th June: Purple Rain
24th June: Anthropophagous
24th June: The Moon (Steelbook)
24th June: Team America: World Police
24th June: Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire
24th June: Godzilla: x Kong Monsterverse: 5-film collection
24th June: Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
24th June: Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Frozen Empire
24th June: Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire (Steelbook)
24th June: Taxi Driver (Steelbook)


1st July: Star Wars: Andor (Steelbook)
1st July: Back To Black (Steelbook)
1st July: Back To Black
1st July: Forrest Gump (Steelbook)
8th July: Nikita (Steelbook)
8th July: Absurd
8th July: Monkey Man
15th July: Le samourai (Criterion)
15th July: Soldier Blue (Steelbook)
15th July: Halo season 2
15th July: Perfect Days
15th July: Civil War
15th July: Captain Philips (Steelbook)
15th July: Rocky V
15th July: Rocky V (Steelbook)
15th July: Rocky Balboa
15th July: Rocky Balboa (Steelbook)
15th July: The Conversation Collector’s Edition
15th July: Once Upon A Time In The West (standard edition)
22nd July: Blow Out (Criterion)
22nd July: Bruiser
29th July: Risky Business (Crtierion)
29th July: Purple Rain (Steelbook)
29th July: Purple Rain
29th July: Justice League: Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 3
29th July: Malcolm X
29th July: Election
29th July: Rango


5th August: Point Break
5th August: Boy Kills World
7th August: A Bittersweet Life
26th August: Jaws: The Revenge (Steelbook)


16th September: Inception Ultimate Collectors Edition
16th September: Interstellar Ultimate Collectors Edition


14th October: Twister (Steelbook)


Delayed: American Pie

The Terminator 40th anniversary (Steelbook)

Blazing Saddles (Steelbook)

Se7en Ultimate Collector’s Edition with Steelbook (arriving 2025)

Se7en What’s in the Box?! Special Edition (arriving 2025)

North By Northwest

Delayed: Count Dracula

Monkey Man

A Nightmare On Elm Street (40th Anniversary)

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

Mad Max 5-film collection

The Departed (US at least, unlikely to get direct UK release)

UK release cancelled

Watership Down

The Abyss

More updates as we get them…

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