Fuze | Aaron Taylor-Johnson heist thriller begins filming in June

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Fuze
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Aaron Taylor-Johnson will star in Hell Or High Water director David Mackenzie’s British thriller Fuze, due to start filming in June.

As we reported in February, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is going to be leading the cast of a new British-set action thriller titled Fuze. While rumours regarding the actor’s chances of being the next 007 refuse to go away, Taylor-Johnson looks to have secured himself another chance to build on his excellent action credentials.

The film is being directed by David Mackenzie, the filmmaker behind 2016’s hugely underrated Hell Or High Water, a Texan bank heist drama starring Chris Pine that is well worth seeking out if you haven’t seen it yet. Following that, Mackenzie collaborated with Pine again on 2018’s Outlaw King, although that film released to a more muted reception.

As for Fuze, 'the film is ‘set on a London construction site where an unexploded bomb sparks a mass evacuation – the perfect cover for a heist.’

According to a new report at Production Weekly (via World of Reel) Fuze is set to start filming in June, which is good news. It’s a bit odd, though, the ‘z’ in the title, isn’t it? Maybe it’s to avoid confusion with a defunct chocolate bar.

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Obviously the title Bomb was already taken, given that Ridley Scott has already nabbed that one for his next project after Gladiator 2. That’s also a London-set bomb-based thriller so we might have a two similar films releasing at the same time – always a fun coincidence to enjoy.

Taylor-Johnson is set to have an interesting 2024, even if the Bond rumours prove to be just that. One on hand, he has Kraven The Hunter coming out in August. Following the critical drubbing that Sony’s last Spider-Man spin-off film Madame Web faced, the actor might be considering his strategy when it comes to navigating the film’s release. Go with the Dakota Johnson approach of being first in line to rubbish it or stand by it unflinchingly?

On the other other hand, Taylor-Johnson is also set to appear in Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu at the tail-end of this year. That should be a different experience entirely, and hopes are high that Eggers can continue with another film to match The Witch, The Lighthouse and The Northman.

We’ll bring you more on Fuze as we hear it.

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