Alan Moore’s debut film The Show drops trailer

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Iconic comic book writer Alan Moore has penned the screenplay for The Show and now, a trailer has landed for this mysteriously surreal movie.

Throughout the years, legendary comic scribe Alan Moore has been known to be somewhat scathing of films that have adapted his work, and that’s putting it mildly. Moore’s opinions of those that would seek to turn his iconic tales into films are supported by his actions too; he’s demanded his name be taken off several movies based on his stories and what’s more, he refuses to accept royalty payments too.

However, that doesn’t mean that Moore isn’t interested in the cinematic medium, rather that he’s deeply unsatisfied by those that have tinkered with his works. The writer has also criticised the continued focus on the type of superhero stories that he became famous for writing, believing that they are infantilising society.

Over the last couple of years though, Moore has turned his attention to the art of cinema. After turning down many requests to write screenplays for other directors throughout the years, Moore finally elected to work with flmmaker Mitch Jenkins to create The Show, a mystically-surreal drama set in Moore’s beloved Northampton.

The duo started off by collaborating on Show Pieces, a series of short films, before working on the feature-length film, and a teaser trailer has dropped, which you can check out below.

Moore also appears on-screen in a rather outlandish form, along with all manner of trippy locations and characters.

Fans of the writer’s work, especially those who have a taste for his writing beyond the superhero phase of his career, may find much to admire here. Moore’s mystical bent over the last few years seems to be ripe for exploration onscreen and the appearance in the trailer of a masked character suggests we may see the superhero phenomenon come in for a further skewering from Moore.

The film’s release is scheduled before the end of the year but in the meantime, do check out the trailer below.

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