Alan Wake 2 | Remedy releases jumper knitting project in time for Christmas

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You too could wear your own Saga jumper this Christmas, as Remedy releases a free knitting pattern for the Alan Wake 2 star’s outfit.

The long-awaited Alan Wake 2 was a ripping horror yarn, and in the wake of its success (sorry), developer Remedy Entertainment is offering a yarn of a different kind.

Over on its website, the Swedish studio has put up a complete guide to knitting your own jumper (or sweater, if you prefer), just like the one worn by the game’s second player character, FBI agent Saga Anderson (as spotted by Eurogamer).

The Saga’s Sweater Knitting Guide provides all the information you’ll need, from the pattern itself – a tasteful combo of stylised fir trees, mountains and a cut little reindeer – to measurements to the types of yarn and needles you’ll need. It’s a brilliant idea, and is all part and parcel of a wider cosplay guide, which shows you everything you’ll need to dress up as Saga. Gun holster, heavy-soled boots and a standard-issue FBI coat are all you’ll need to complete the ensemble.

Credit: Remedy Entertainment.

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If you’re more interested in dressing up as a mentally tortured middle-aged writer, then there’s a separate guide to cosplaying as Alan Wake himself. It’s pretty straightforward: five-o’clock shadow (felt pen would work just fine), M&S brown suit with elbow patches, a battered leather satchel and a permanent look of despair are all you’ll need. We’ve got the latter nailed already.

To be honest, we’re more taken by that Saga sweater, though. It’s going to take a bit of work, admittedly (we’ll have to learn to knit for a start), but the effort will undoubtedly be worthwhile. If nothing else, explaining to family and friends exactly who Saga Anderson is while we’re cutting the festive turkey will make for an excellent conversation starter.

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