Albert Pyun dies, aged 69

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Albert Pyun, the director films such as Cyborg and Nemesis, has passed away after a long illness it’s been announced.

We don’t do too many obituaries and stories of people passing on this site. Right back to my previous job days, I’ve always struggled with a story about losing someone ending up in trying to get clicks. The flip side of this though is that there are some filmmakers I know we should mark, and talk about. And I think that director Albert Pyun is one of them.

It was announced that we’d lost him over the weekend, at the age of 69. He’d been ill for some time, and finally passed as Cynthia Curnan – his wife and producer – sat with him.

Pyun may not have left the world with shelves full of Oscars and major retrospectives, but he did give it a whole bunch of fun films that many of us grew up on.

We’re talking films such as Cyborg, Kickboxer sequels, the Nemesis films, The Sword And The Sorceror and the 1990 take on Captain America, headlined by Matt Salinger. Pyun’s final film in a career spanning four decades would be 2017’s Interstellar Civil War.

Pyun is the kind of filmmaker who was making movies lots of us watched, even if he never made it to the front page of the trade papers. But over time, hopefully he got to see how appreciated his movies were, warts and all.

Rest in peace, Albert Pyun. And our condolences to his friends and family.

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