Aliens | 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray confirmed for April UK release

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The UK release of James Cameron’s Aliens on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray is running a couple of weeks behind the US date. More here.

There are three hugely anticipated catalogue 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray releases due this spring that happen to have James Cameron’s name on them. And while there’s been some worry over how the 4K restorations of True Lies, The Abyss and Aliens have been undertaken, it’s still been a long, long wait to get new disc releases of at least two of them.

All three 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs have been confirmed for US release on March 12th 2024, and it had been expected that the UK releases would fall into line. Not so. While True Lies and Aliens quickly went up for order over here, no date was marked for them.

However, while we don’t have confirmation on when True Lies will appear, a release date for Aliens has now popped up, and in the UK we’re getting the 4K disc of it on April 1st 2024. We’re thus running a couple of weeks and change behind America in terms of street dates, and the True Lies release is likely to be on the same day.

The listing and order page for Aliens can be found right here.

The undated True Lies orders can be found over here.

The news with regards to The Abyss is not good, as we’ve previously reported. Due to tussles over the film’s infamous rat underwater scene, the UK release of the film has now been cancelled altogether. This is presumably why we’ve not seen The Abyss 4K on video on demand services yet, and those who want the film on disc will have to import it. Frustrating, but there we are.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more about these releases. Hopefully they all turn out to be worth the wait.

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