Avatar 2 completes its principal photography

Avatar cinema re-release in 4K
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It seems to have taken a long time to get to this point, but James Cameron’s Avatar 2 is finally in the can it seems.

James Cameron has announced that the live-action portion of shooting for Avatar 2 has finally been completed. Speaking to Arnold Schwarzenegger (in an interview for the actor’s YouTube channel), Cameron revealed that although shooting for Avatar 2 was complete, principal photography in New Zealand was ongoing because a small amount of Avatar 3, which is also being filmed at the same time, remained incomplete.

However, there’s still plenty more Avatar to be filmed yet as four sequels are planned in total, set to be released at two year intervals, beginning in 2022. Also, that doesn’t take into account what will presumably be a long and complicated post-production process, assembling all of the film’s visual effects.

One aspect Cameron didn’t cover in his chat were his plans for the series’ technical format. In the past, he’s discussed how revolutionary he intends the use of 3D to be in his films, even mooting the prospect of glasses-less 3D. At the very least, he believes that the films will change the way in which audiences view the format, which in many markets has declined in popularity since the first Avatar sparked a 3D boom in 2008 (on its way towards becoming the then highest-grossing film of all time).

With the sequel’s physical production now in the can, we can expect to hear more details in due course as to just how James Cameron plans to reintroduce a format which has begun to lose steam, especially in comparison to other areas such as 4DX and IMAX. More news on Avatar 2 and its many sequels as we hear it.

In the meantime, here’s that full interview…


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