Batman: Arkham Shadow | VR game announced, due out in late 2024

Batman: Arkham Shadow
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Prepare your virtual reality helmets: Batman: Arkham Shadow, a new VR action game for Meta Quest 3, is due out in late 2024.

The Caped Crusader always did like his gadgets, so he’d probably approve of a new videogame about him that uses those fancy Meta Quest 3 virtual reality helmets.

In development at Camouflaj and Oculus Studios, Batman: Arkham Shadow's teaser was unveiled by the world’s most famous videogame journalist, Geoff Keighley.

You can see the tweet containing said teaser below.

It doesn’t give away a great deal – there’s the benighted Gotham City as we might remember it from earlier Arkham games, and there are what appear to be POV shots of Batman swooping through an alleyway with a rat fleeing in terror.

“Evil stalks the streets,” an official description reads, shared by VGC. “Gotham City is in danger. And you’re the only one who can save it.”

It’s been almost a decade since the last mainline game in the series, Batman: Arkham Knight, and the studio that birthed it, Rocksteady, has been somewhat waylaid by the lengthy development of the multiplayer live service outing Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, which hasn’t quite enjoyed the success that Warner Bros Games expected of it.

This isn’t the first time the Batman: Arkham series has dabbled in virtual reality, either: Rocksteady itself handled development on Batman: Arkham VR, first released in 2016. It was described at the time by critic Ben Croshaw as a “Half-hour CD-ROM tour from the mid to late 90s.”

Here’s hoping Batman: Arkham Shadow fares slightly better.

The game will be given a full reveal at Geoff Keighley’s own Summer Game Fest jamboree on the 7th June, so we should get a better idea of what we’ll be getting up to in it in a few weeks.

Batman: Arkham Shadow is due for release in late 2024.

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