Batman Forever: a darker, 170 minute cut of the film was put together

Batman Forever
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Joel Schumacher had assembled a darker version of 1995’s Batman Forever, and more details of the alternate version have now emerged.

For a good number of years, rumours had abounded that there was a very different cut of 1995’s Batman Forever than the bright and glossy one that made it into cinemas. That director Joel Schumacher, who we sadly lost a couple of weeks back, had put together a near-three hour version of the film.

The story came back to prominence last week when writer Marc Bernardin – of Star Trek: Picard and Castle Rock fame – Tweeted the following…

Now, Variety has gone one step further, and managed to confirm with Warner Bros that the story is pretty much correct. That a version of the film was constructed with far more emphasis on Val Kilmer’s Bruce Wayne deciding to become Val Kilmer’s Batman, “including a sequence of Wayne facing down a giant, human-sized bat”.


Further footage that we never got to see included Jim Carrey’s Riddler’s extended invasion of the Batcave, and an opening where Tommy Lee Jones’ Harvey Two-Face cannot sanction the buffoonery of Arkham Asylum and thus stages a breakout.

The question marks now are whether the footage that Schumacher originally assembled still exists, and whether Warner Bros wants to try and get all this together. It told Variety that there “are no discussions” about putting a longer cut of the film out, and it’s likely to take a great deal of fan clamour to change its mind.

Anyone up for ‘release the Schumacher cut’?



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