Belfast production company launch Kickstarter for Romani WWII film

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Rozkvet tells the story of a woman’s struggle to save her family from Nazi oppression in occupied Czechoslovakia. More on how to support the film below:

An independent production company in Belfast are working on a film to raise awareness of an underrepresented chapter in history.

Based on Andrew McNeill’s 2023 play of the same name, Rozkvet will tell the story of a Romani woman fighting to save her family from persecution.

In a press release, the team said: “the production presents a unique opportunity for an authentic portrayal of the Romani people who remain underrepresented in mainstream media.

“The film aims to shed light on the lesser known history of the persecution faced by the Roma/Romani people.”

The story centres around the real-life oppression Roma faced following the rise of the Nazi party, which saw thousands of Romani people murdered across Europe.

Rozkvet Concept Poster
A concept poster for the film (Credit: Thomas Pollock)

The genocide is commemorated every year on 2nd August, known as the Roma Holocaust Memorial Day.

The film’s star and co-producer, Katarina Kokenyova, said: “Bringing this story to life is very close to my heart, as sadly it is still very relevant.

“When most people hear the word ‘gypsy’ it usually brings negative images to mind. We hope to show our people in a different light than they are usually portrayed in the media and, most importantly, to commemorate all those who lost their lives fighting against injustice.”

Lamb Films hope to enter production across Northern Ireland in late June this year, and are offering a load of rewards for backers of the project, from posters and preview screenings to executive producer credits and set visits.

Rozkvet's crowdfunding campaign is running from 26th April to 26th May and is available worldwide. To learn more about the project or to show your support, visit their Kickstarter.

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