Burning Men: British rock & roll road movie heading to cinemas in March – first trailer lands

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From the director of Peep Show's maiden series comes new Brit movie Burning Men – and we’ve now got the first trailer.

A new British road film has landed distribution in the UK, with the news that Burning Men is going to be playing in cinemas from March.

The film comes from Munro Films via Lightbulb Film Distribution, and has been co-written and directed by Jeremy Wooding. He’s penned the script with Neil Spencer, and the movie itself stars Ed Hayter, Aki Omoshaybi and Elinor Crawley.

UPDATE: The official trailer has now landed. It looks like this:

A synopsis has popped up for the film too, and it reads thus:

When young musicians Ray (Ed Hayter) and Don (Aki Omoshaybi) are evicted from their South London squat, they decide to sell their precious vinyl collection and fly to Memphis in search of their destiny. Frustrated by the shortfall in funds, they steal an ‘uber-rare’ Black Metal record at a Camden record fair and head out of town to sell it. As they drive north in their beaten-up Volvo Amazon, picking up hitchhiker Susie (Elinor Crawley) en route, they find themselves stalked by dark forces apparently unleashed by the ‘devil disc’ they have stolen.

There’s a bit more information on the film too at its official website, that you can find here: http://www.burningmenthemovie.com/

A release date of March 1st 2019 has been confirmed.

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