Christopher Nolan shuts down James Bond rumours

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Bad luck, Bond fans – Christopher Nolan has denied his next film will star 007. Again. More below…

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – Christopher Nolan has confirmed he will not, in fact, be directing the next Bond movie. Or, at least, his next film won’t be a Bond movie – we’re assuming that puts him out of the running

“No, sadly no… No truth to those rumours”, Nolan chuckled when asked if Bond would be his next project in an interview with AP Entertainment.

“But I’m very thrilled that the strike is over and we can all get back to work.”

Watch the full interview below:

While the idea of a Nolan-helmed 007 might just be the most long-lasting rumour in Hollywood, the publicity vacuum provided by the recent actors and writers strikes and a lack of obvious direction for Barbara Broccoli and co to take the franchise after No Time To Die have provided plenty of oxygen for the hearsay to grow.

The idea behind most of these rumours – which claimed Broccoli and Nolan have been in talks around him helming anything from one to three new movies in a complete reboot of the series – is that Nolan would require complete creative freedom before taking on a new franchise. Handily, Daniel Craig’s exit as 007 might be providing just that…

Except, apparently, he’s not interested. With the mythical Nolan-Bond boat sailing away into the distance, perhaps this rumour will be put to bed once and for all. If he’s not hopping in the Aston Martin now, it’s hard to see when he ever would…

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