Chuck Norris to star in the sci-fi action flick, Agent Recon

chuck norris agent recon
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Veteran action star and one-man meme Chuck Norris is to star in the sci-fi action film Agent Recon, with its US release set for 2024.

It’s 30 years since Chuck Norris, in the title role of Lone Wolf McQuade, lost his temper and kicked over his own garden shed.

What fitting timing, then, that news should break that Chuck Norris is to star in a new action movie, this time of the military sci-fi variety. Called Agent Recon, it will feature Norris in the lead role of one Commander Alastair, who teams up with a bunch of other army types to “track a mysterious energy disturbance at a base in New Mexico suspected of experimenting on alien technology.”

The news comes via Deadline, which reports that Agent Recon will co-star Marc Singer, hero of the Beastmaster fantasy series, and Hong Kong star Derek Ting, who also writes and directs. Ting has made a couple of films with Agent in the title – 2017’s Agent and 2021’s Agent Revelation – making Agent Recon the third in a trilogy of action sci-fi flicks.

“With Earth’s greatest heroes Chuck Norris and Marc Singer literally gearing up for this, I knew we had to make sure fans experience epic fun,” Ting said in a statement shared by Deadline. “My stunt team pushed the boundaries of my vision for clear grounded action elevated with motivated storytelling, and we had Chuck’s son Dakota come on board to choreograph all of his father’s fight sequences.”

What’s glossed over somewhat in this report is the detail that Agent Recon's protagonists will be heading to a base in New Mexico. Are we actually going to see Chuck Norris enter Area 51 and side-kick a grey alien directly in the face? If so, consider our tickets pre-booked. This is even better than that shed Norris angrily kicked over way back in 1983.

Production company Quiver Distribution has now completed the film, and it’s said Agent Recon will be released in 2024.

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