Cocaine Bear gets a free 8-bit tie-in game

Cocaine Bear
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The Rise of Pablo Escobear? Yes please. Here’s a chance to get into the, er, spirit of Cocaine Bear before the film lands

Everything we’ve seen so far regarding the upcoming Cocaine Bear has been great. The premise, the 80s-themed promo art, the wonderfully-violent trailer. In fact, the only thing about Cocaine Bear that isn’t perfect is that an actual bear had to overdose an actual cocaine for this film to be based on a true story. That legitimately sucks.

From what we’ve seen so far, the film doesn’t look like it’s going to dwell too much on that. Instead, it looks like we’ll be getting some darkly comic thrills in an ultra-violent package. Oh, and an 8-bit tie-in game as well. On Thursday, Universal released Cocaine Bear: The Rise of Pablo Escobear. The game is a NES-style Pac Man clone, if Pac Man was eating cocaine instead of dots, and chasing the ghosts around the maze and graphically ripping them to shreds.

It’s surprisingly fun to play a raging bear on a drug-fuelled rampage and you can even relive that moment from the trailer when the bear runs down an ambulance, albeit in 8-bit form. Here’s the link to play the game, and that trailer again for good measure. The film hits cinemas at the end of this month. Have fun!

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