Demi Moore still has her pottery from Ghost

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Remember the famous pottery scene with Patrick Swayze in Ghost? Demi Moore still has those pots over 30 years on.

You really had to be there to appreciate just what a phenomenon Ghost was in 1990. Almost from nowhere, the mid-budget supernatural romance became the biggest hit of the year, shrugging off some of its more dismissive reviews (Roger Ebert wasn’t a fan) and raking in over half a billion dollars at the box office.

Ghost’s centrepiece was its saucy pottery scene, in which Patrick Swayze’s boyfriend Sam canoodles with his lover Molly (Demi Moore) as she caresses a clay pot into shape. Cut to the Righteous Brothers’ version of Unchained Melody, it was one of those moments that was endlessly parodied elsewhere – perhaps most famously in The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear.

Over 30 years later, Demi Moore has been sharing her recollections of working with Patrick Swayze on Ghost in general and the pottery scene in particular. Talking on The Drew Barrymore Show (via People), Moore revealed that she had only met Swayze in person a few moments before they were due to embark on their clay odyssey together.

“Well the first thing that just popped into my head was meeting Patrick Swayze for the first time going, ‘Oh you know trying to figure out his thing,'” Moore said, cryptically. “And then he took his shirt off and I was like, ‘Oh got it. Get on behind me.'”

Moore evidently looks back on the experience fondly, since she also revealed that she’s kept the pots she made during the film’s production.

“I still have my little pots that I made, which are pitiful,” she said. “They’re like the saddest looking things.”

It doesn’t sound as though Demi Moore will be giving any pottery masterclasses anytime soon, then.

We’ll leave you with the clip in question – Demi and Patrick’s great pottery throw down from 1990. Take it away, Righteous Brothers…

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