Disney and Netflix bosses attempting to resolve writers’ strike

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After three months of nothingness, finally attempts are being made to resolve the ongoing writers’ strike – and the bosses of Netflix and Disney are involved.

The ongoing writers’ strike in Hollywood – that’s affecting productions around the world too – is now over 100 days old, and in spite of noises being made over the last day or two, doesn’t seem too much closer to an actual resolution.

The producers’ group the AMPTP has offered one or two concessions it seems, but nothing that’s substantively bridging the gap. No matter: here come two heroes on horses (update: not on horses) to try and resolve the problem.

Netflix’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos and Disney CEO Bob Iger have now apparently made it their mission to bring the strike to an end. For Iger, his reading of the room has seemingly improved. Back in July, he criticised the strikes from the comfort of a billionaires’ retreat in Sun Valley, and his views and pay packet have become a focal point in the ongoing dispute.

Still, as reported by Bloomberg, Sarandos and Iger have now been urging the AMPTP to look for a solution, and the concessions it stumped up surrounded AI and the sharing of streaming service data. Is that enough? Not so far, but it feels like it’s as far as anyone’s got in three months.

Expect this to roll on a little longer yet. More updates, inevitably, on the way.

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